Our mission

Banking is the glue that holds the global business community together, with finance at the core of every sector. But understanding of the banking industry has historically been poor. Bank Monitor, from NS Media Group, will address that knowledge gap, both for business leaders engaging with financial institutions, their investors and the C-suite working within the banks themselves.

The team

Bank Monitor will have data at its heart, a relentless focus on the world’s leading banks, their performance and their people. It will pay particular attention to new areas of importance to banks and their stakeholders, such as ESG issues and digital banking. The service will be led by a team of the industry’s leading editors, reporters, data journalists and data scientists.

Who we are

Bank Monitor is part of New Statesman Media Group. Our mission is to explain how the world is changing for decision-makers in need of data-driven answers. We help our readers to lead effectively and define policies using the same rigour and quality journalism the New Statesman has long been admired for.